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Keeping Children Safe At Home

· Cover all electrical outlets with childproof plastic covers.

· Put guards on stove controls so children cannot turn on the stove by accident.

· Always turn pot handles away from the front of the stove.

· Cook on back burners whenever possible to reduce risk of small children burning a   curious hand.

· Keep sharp knives in a locked drawer or cabinet out of children's sight and reach.

· Lock all cabinets storing household cleaners, abrasives, products and toxins.

· Store sharp-edged aluminum foil, waxed paper and plastic wrap dispensers out of   small children's reach.

· Store plastic bags and plastic wrap out of children's reach to avoid suffocation.

· Remove tablecloths from tables as children can pull everything onto their heads by   yanking on the cloth.

· Be sure that all tub and shower areas have nonslip mats.

· Set the hot water heater for below 120 degrees to help prevent scalding. Always   test water temperature with the inside of your elbow before bathing young   children.

· Always supervise children under 6 in the bathtub.

· Keep all bathroom electrical appliances away from water sources (bathtubs, sinks).

· Put toilet lid locks on all toilets if you have a child under 3 years old.

· Look for hard sharp edges on furniture and install foam padding where children can   bang their heads in a fall.

· Install safety gates on top and bottom of stairs.

· Keep all alcohol in a cabinet that is locked at all times.



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