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Love Our Children USA’s
Surf Serious … Surf Smart … Surf Safe Rules

Love Our Children USA offers you internet safety rules … Advice for parents and childcare givers to help keep your children surf serious, surf smart and surf safe

It is crucial that every parent and every childcare giver know everything there is to know about the Internet and the possible hazards it creates for children. Learn how to deal with them … learn the Internet Safety Facts .

Before allowing your children on the internet, make sure they’re Surf Serious … Surf Smart and Surf Safe! You wouldn’t let them cross the street without showing them how to look both ways … don’t let them on the Internet unless they know the rules .

Sign a Child/Parent Internet Safety Agreement  between you and your kids.

- Make sure the computer your kids use is in an open area in your home.

- Kids should always let their parents know when entering a chatroom

- When visiting a chatroom kids should always use a nickname and NEVER give out their real name, address, age, phone number, mobile phone, school, whether they are a girl or boy, and NEVER send or publish their photos.

- Some chatrooms will want to publish all or some personal information each time your kids sign on in the chatroom. Others will allow them to create a profile just for publication on the web. Kids should remain PRIVATE!

- Make sure your kids know that not everyone in the chatroom is their age or even there for the same reason your kids are. Some adults like to trick kids.

- If something worries or scares your kids when in a chatroom they should report it to the chatroom provider immediately. They should save conversations if they are being bullied or harrassed.

- Kids should report bad taste and nasty attitude messages in chatrooms to their parents and to the chatroom providers.

- Kids should never arrange to meet anyone they meet online ... no matter what!!!

- All passwords should be kept private and NEVER given out.

- Kids should not enter chatrooms for adults or for anyone over 18. By doing so, it is very dangerous. You could also end up with a huge phone bill.

- Kids send attachments. Attachments can spread viruses on your computer and do serious damage. When opening attachments, make sure you know the person who is sending you the attachment. Even when you know the sender, you can save it on your desktop and scan them with anti-virus software before you open them.

- Make sure you discuss cyberbullying with your child. Let them know that if it happens to them, they should come to you and tell you. Let them know that even if all the other kids are cyberbullying others, it is not appropriate behavior.

To learn more about the Internet and how your children use the Internet see Cyber Dictionary.

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