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Choosing A Self-Defense Program For Your Child

Parents should look for the following when evaluating self defense training for children:

Empowers kids in a positive way. Scaring kids into safety deters them from learning safety.

Doesn’t teach by listening – but stresses active physical practice. It’s the only way to really learn self defense.

Teaches kids the repetitive practice of saying "No" and resisting adult’s instructions when being threatened. To protect children, they may need to learn to make noise, run away, say No!" or hit someone who threatens them. This takes rehearsed and repeated practice.

Stresses being alert and provides various ways to avoid danger … including using physical skills defensively as a way to escape.

Teaches kids when and how to use skills only for protection and self defense purposes.

Stresses calling 9-1-1, identifying a safe adult to tell and asking for help when a parent is not available.

Teaches kids that if they are a victim of violence that it is never their fault and that they must tell someone ... no matter what! 

Teaches complete contact simulation safety measures.

Tailored for your child's age group, attention span, learning style, etc.

Encourages parent participation and shares the curriculum with parents. Take-home instructional materials help parents continue the safety lessons with their children.

Always check the instructor’s qualifications and experience, how well they like working with children. Most importantly, are they screened to work with children?

If there are no self defense programs in your area, please visit our Fight Back Kids section.

Some good self defense programs for children are:

Kid Power


Rad Kids

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