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1 or more Children

1 1/2 tsps. Awareness

1 or moreLoving Parents

12 Daily Hugs

6 heaping tsps. Compassion

5 Daily “I Love You’s”

1 heaping tbs. Changes in Parenting Attitudes

1 3/4 cups Communication

1 cup Knowledge

1 cup Loving Relationships

2 tsps. Education

8 heaping tbs. Listening

1 lb. Patience

2 cups Understanding

3 tsps. Deep Breaths

4 Cups of Love

1- 2 Good Role Models

3 Dashes of Confidence

2 lbs. Security

2 heaping tsps. Empathy

1 cup of Laughter

14 Kisses

Mix all ingredients into skillet. Bring mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally. Season with parenting education. Remove from stove. Let mixture cool.
Pour onto large platter. Serve to family with a smile and lots of love.
Recipe Yields: a lifetime of love and healthy self-esteem per child.



Good parenting is the greatest gift you can give your child ... that, and love, safety, and nurturing! One ingredient to being a good parent is to have good role models. Not all parents know how to do that. By learning and/or improving your parenting skills, you can be a wonderful a parent, as well as a wonderful role model.

Anyone and everyone can learn good parenting skills. Even parents who are overwhelmed, or alone. The first three years of your child’s life are crucial. Those are the years that your child will develop significant intellectual, emotional and social abilities. That’s when they learn to give and accept love. They learn confidence, security, and empathy … they learn to be curious and persistent … everything your child needs to learn to relate well to others, and lead a happy and productive life.

The first three years are the doorway to forever!

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