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Violence against children is completely preventable!

Get Angry And SAVE A Child.

Reporting Child Abuse

   Keeping kids safe from harm and violence is up to everyone of us!

  Be Informed ... Be Involved ...Make a Difference in a Child's Life

Violence against children only ends when a child comes forward or a concerned person recognizes the warning signs and reports the abuse.

Sometimes, people may fear getting personally involved or they may be in denial of a child they know who is being hurt. Making a call to the hotline where the child is being harmed can generate help a family needs but is unable to seek. Child violence is a problem on the national and local levels that requires action in the form of caring individuals in each community.

Children are our dreams and hopes. They will reflect their childhood as an adult. They are never at fault for the violence that adults inflict upon them. You can help replace the hate, hurt and fear of a child victim with love, understanding and security by taking an active role.

A person’s actions, or lack of action, not only affects the abused child, but everyone in our country. Even if you just suspect abuse … Report it! Child abuse is against the law and you can report it anonymously, although it’s better for the child if you give your name.

Click Here To Report Online Crimes Against Children

Both the reporting party and the child who is allegedly being abused must live in the same state, in order for these numbers to be valid. If the reporting party lives in a different state than the child, or for states not listed, please call the National Child Abuse Hotline - 24 hours

               National Hotline  1-800-422-4453

If you’re still uncomfortable about making the report, you can make it anonymously … but it’s better for the child if you give your name … in case the authorities have more questions. Your name will NEVER be given out as the person who reported the abuse … even if you only suspect abuse!

State Hotlines

ALABAMA - (334) 242-9500


ALASKA - (800) 478-4444


ARIZONA - (888) 767-2445


ARKANSAS - (800) 482-5964


CALIFORNIA - Click here for all County Child Welfare Service Agencies


COLORADO - Click here for all Department of Human Services locations


CONNECTICUT - (800) 842-2288


DELAWARE - (800) 292-9582


FLORIDA - (800) 962-2873


GEORGIA - (404) 699-4399


HAWAII - (808) 832-5300


IDAHO - Click here for all Child Protective Services agencies


ILLINOIS - (800) 252-2873


INDIANA - (800) 800-5556


IOWA - (800) 362-2178


KANSAS - If calling within Kansas and outside of Topeka: 800-922-5330; If calling in Topeka or outside of Kansas: (785) 296-0044


KENTUCKY - (800) 752-6200


LOUISIANA - Click here for all child protection hotlines by parish


MAINE - (800) 452-1999


MARYLAND - Click here for all Child Protective Services offices


MASSACHUSETTS - (800) 792-5200


MICHIGAN - (800) 942-4357


MINNESOTA - Click here for all Social Service Agencies by county


MISSISSIPPI - (800) 222-8000


MISSOURI - (800) 392-3738


MONTANA - (800) 332-6100


NEBRASKA - (800) 652-1999


NEVADA - (800) 992-5757


NEW HAMPSHIRE - (800) 894-5533, or 911 after hours/on weekends


NEW JERSEY - (800) 792-8610


NEW MEXICO - (800) 432-2075


NEW YORK - (800) 342-3720


NORTH CAROLINA - Click here for all Social Services Departments by county


NORTH DAKOTA - Click here all Social Service Offices by county


OHIO - Click here for all Family Service Agencies by county


OKLAHOMA - (800) 522-3511


OREGON - Click here for all Child Welfare Offices by county


PENNSYLVANIA - (800) 932-0313


RHODE ISLAND - (800) 742-4453


SOUTH CAROLINA - Click here for all Social Services offices


SOUTH DAKOTA - Click here for all Child Protective Services offices by county


TENNESSEE - (800) 237-0004


TEXAS - (800) 252-5400


UTAH - (800) 678-9399


VERMONT - Click here for all Family Services district offices


VIRGINIA - (800) 552-7096


WASHINGTON - (866) 363-4276


WEST VIRGINIA - (800) 352-6513


WISCONSIN - Click here for all Social/Human Services offices by county


WYOMING - Click here for all Family Services field offices

Through Awareness, Education, and Courage, We Can Be a Proud Voice for Our Children!

You know your friend’s child going home to an empty house every day after school. You’re in the mall and you see mothers hitting their kids and yelling at them. You’re driving and you see kids with no place to go … hanging around the playground dirty and with no coat in the winter. While grocery shopping and see kids running around the parking lot, crying and screaming. Every night you hear your neighbor yelling at his kids, and the kids are crying hysterically. Your friend’s child came over to play with your child, and you notice that she’s very quiet and withdrawn --- she has bruises all over her arm. Your sister and her husband fight in front of the kids constantly … he’s always drunk and screaming at your sister, and hits her in front of the kids.

You're concerned but don't know what to do. You feel awkward. Should you say something or -- should you mind my own business? It’s horrible when we see children being yelled at, threatened, or hit. If this is what happens in public, what’s happening behind closed doors?

When we do nothing, we are putting America’s children in danger.

Many parents aren't prepared for the incredible responsibility of raising a child … some are still children themselves.

Each year there are over 3 million reports of child abuse AND those are only the ones who are reported. Out of those 3 million plus kids, over 98,000 children were treated just for sexual abuse. Almost 1.8 million children are abducted from their very own homes and front yards.

How many more are victims of pain and torture?

Because so many cases of child abuse go unreported, it is estimated that 3 times the number of children that are reported, are actual child abuse victims. Children in the USA are more apt to die from abuse than from accidents. Child abuse kills more than 3 children every day in the United States.

We question what we can do to help these children. Then we do nothing! Half of the people in America who witnessed a child being abused didn’t report it! Kids don’t report it either because they’re afraid!

Child abuse is so ugly! We feel bad for the moment and then forget about it because we feel helpless -- and fear if we report the abuse, the children will be taken away from their families.

But -- what is the alternative?

It's a time to redefine our involvement in the lives of America’s children. It’s time for a new approach … a new way of loving and caring for our children!

Keeping kids safe from harm and violence is everyone’s problem!

A person’s actions, or lack of action, not only affects the abused child, but everyone in our country. The utterly tragic proof is in the National Institute of Justice, reporting that child abuse increases the odds of future delinquency by 53% and adult criminality by 40%.

We’re reaching out to America with our new national campaign --- we’re asking you to speak up and report abuse. Even if you feel awkward about reporting child abuse … even if it’s only suspected abuse.

It’s not only your duty to report it … it’s the law.

Feel proud that you are helping to keep America’s children safe. Everyday we see kids neglected, abandoned, and abused. Too often we do nothing! Take pride in yourself and put aside your fear, outrage and discomfort … report child abuse!

Make the commitment to protect our children! Whether your an adult or a kid … Stand Tall and Speak Up!



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