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Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Child obesity is the newest form of child abuse.

It is so important that parents teach children healthy eating at an early age. By doing so, it will ensure them a healthy future, not to mention the torment of being teased due to obesity.

Parents must set a good example. By avoiding trans fats in fast and packaged foods and choosing colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, good carbs such as whole grains and good fats such as lean protein and low-fat dairy, your kids will see that you enjoy these foods and want to eat them as well.

Get children involved in food shopping. Let them choose recipes and cook together. It’s not only a good way for them to learn about food, but it’s a great way for parents and kids to spend quality time together -- cooking, talking and having fun.

If your child needs dieting consult your pediatrician. Involve kids in sports and healthy activities. It’s okay to have those sinful desserts once in a while, but eating healthy is the best thing for your children’s health, their self-esteem and their future.

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