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Why Kids Need Your Support

  ... Simply because over 3 million children are victimized each year …. almost 1.8 million children who are reported missing each year … and 580,000 children are in foster care in our country today because they cannot safely live in their homes.     

These children are reported as victims of physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, and death - and those are only the ones that were reported!

In the USA, Children are more apt to die from abuse than from accidents. Each year 18,000 children and youth are permanently disabled and 565,000 are seriously injured. Child abuse kills more than 3 children every day in America.

When children are victimized, neglected and abandoned they suffer in various ways … ways that only they know in their private world of pain.

They often have poor self-esteem and self-worth
They are often out of control
They feel violated, victimized and damaged
They feel guilty
They feel humiliated and shamed
They feel unloved

And what the long-term effects of being victimized, neglected and abandoned? Best case … an abused child's foundation is undermined!  Worst case … A child dies!

Children who are victimized, neglected and abandoned are likelier to become:

School dropouts
Pregnant teenagers
Substance abusers
Gun Users
Juvenile delinquents
Adult criminals
Abusers to partners, spouses and children
Out of control
Low Achievers

You can help America's Children! Commit To BE The Difference For Children ... Give the gift of love, safety and protection to children who may otherwise live in harm and be neglected and abandoned.

Together, let's creates beautiful dreams for children ... instead of shattering them!


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