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#SeeMe Campaign

#SeeMe 2, 2021

#SeeMe 1, 2018

What Do You See?
What Should You See?
What Should We See?

Babies come into the world innocent without hatred or intolerance. As we grow up we come into our own. We are ALL the same, we are ALL people and we must honor our differences and respect and celebrate our similarities!

Hatred and prejudice are contagious and cause pain to others which makes the harm escalate. There is no room in this world for hatred, racism, bias, discrimination or violence for any reason

Young people take their cues from adults.  No matter what the adults in your life believe, get to know others who are different from you and make your own opinions about them. By living in a judgment free world, you can be the leaders of today and tomorrow and pave the way for harmony and civility.

See people for who they really are! Get to know them. You'd be surprised to see someone totally different from who you think you see.

Join the #SeeMe Campaign and help change the culture.

  • Change the way our culture... thinks
  • Change the way our culture.... acts
  • Let’s Change the culture for all of us!


  • Join the #SeeMe campaign by posting what others should see when they see you. 
    Start like this:

     “#SeeMe I’m ________ and I want you to see that I am ____________.” 

    Don't forget to use the #SeeMe in your post.
  • Post your #SeeMe photo or video on social media. 
    Don't forget to use the #SeeMe in your post
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  • No matter how you decide to take action in our #SeeMe campaign --
    it's important to TAKE ACTION!

What Do You See?
What Should You See?
What Should We See?

STOMP Out Bullying™

Every one of these kids and teens look different. Some come from different cultures, some wear brightly colored hair, some have tattoos, some are in same sex relationships. Get to know others just like these kids and see who they REALLY are!

Some of these kids and teens have different skin color, some look Goth, some have acne, and some are on a sports team.

Some of these kids and teens wear braces, some are LGBTQ+, some are overweight, some have red hair and wear glasses. 

Who should we really see?

All of these kids and teens have one important thing in common ... THEY ARE ALL PEOPLE!

That's what we must remember! We must treat PEOPLE the way we want to be treated. Everyone deserves to be respected and not to be judged.

It starts with you by not making assumptions of how a person looks, but rather for seeing them for who they really are  -- no matter what their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, looks or beliefs are!

What Do You See?
What Should You See?
What Should We See?

for you, your school and your community!



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