Disciplining Children Successfully

Disciplining Children Successfully

Using Physical Discipline 

We know how children can push parents’ buttons and how parents can reach the end of their rope. We also understand cultural differences and parents using parenting practices that were used in their childhood. To that end, Love Our Children USA is against the use of any and all physical discipline anywhere, anytime.

How Physical Discipline Affects Children 

Studies using corporal punishment to make children behave have actually shown opposite effects, whereby children have shown increased aggression.

Physical discipline is most often used when a parent is frustrated. Spanking in these circumstances can lead to an unintentional injury or more serious abuse. 

Likely and Probable Effects of Physical Discipline:

  • Heightens anxiety and fear 
  • Lowers self-esteem 
  • Increases aggression toward others 
  • Decreases compliance and increases resistance 
  • Deters the development of empathy and compassion for others 
  • Children become angry in response 
  • Harms relationship with parent or caregiver 
  • Can cause unintended and severe physical injury 
  • Increases the probability of undesirable social and psychological behaviors 
  • Teaches that that violence is acceptable in handling conflict 

How To Discipline Positively 

Teach children that bad behavior has real consequences. By giving children time to think about their actions, and know the importance of apologizing, you can both to learn how to move on. 

Parents and caregivers are encouraged by Love Our Children USA to use the following positive parenting and discipline methods: 

  • Develop rules and expectations in advance 
  • Discipline with love 
  • Take action immediately 
  • Set boundaries 
  • Be consistent 
  • Listen and communicate with love and understanding 
  • Focus on the behavior, not the child 
  • Discipline in relation to offending behavior in duration and severity 
  • Be firm and stay calm 
  • Be realistic 
  • Be fair 
  • Use timeouts 
  • Never harm or injure 
  • Make discipline a learning opportunity 
  • Reward or praise desirable behaviors 
  • Model desired behavior 
  • Encourage children’s cooperation and understanding 
  • Create behavioral contracts and incentive charts 

Create KidSuccess … 

by being a role model! 

Teach children age-appropriate behaviors, self-control, responsibility, and accountability -- and at the same time increase their self-esteem. Treating children with love and nurturing even while using discipline, establishes a loving and nurturing behavior – a wonderful cycle to continue as an adult. 

If you need help managing your anger and frustration, or want to learn more positive parenting skills, consult with a psychologist, physician, parenting educator, parenting group, mental health facility, school or Love Our Children USA for a referral.

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