Alternatives To Child Abuse

Alternatives To Child Abuse

Every parent gets stressed out. The baby is crying ...Tommy has a cold and he's whining because he wants to go out and play ...Suzy is throwing a temper tantrum ...
the phone is ringing ... the dog is barking ...your teenager is blasting music that can be heard down the street ... what is a parent to do?

The next time life's everyday pressures build up to the point where you feel like lashing out or worse ... STOP! 

Try any of these simple alternatives. You'll feel better... and so will your child. 

  • Take a deep breath... and another, and another, and another. Then remember you are the adult. 
  • Close your eyes and imagine you're hearing what your child is about to hear. 
  • Press your lips together and count to 10... counting to 20 is even better. 
  • Put your child in a time-out chair (a good rule to remember is : one time-out minute for each year of age.) 
  • Put yourself in a time-out chair. Think about why you are angry it your child, or is your child simply a convenient target for your anger? 
  • Phone a friend. 
  • If someone can watch the children, go outside and take a walk. 
  • Take a hot bath or splash cold water on your face. 
  • Hug a pillow. If it gets really bad - punch the pillow.
  • Turn on some music. Maybe even sing along. 
  • Pick up a pencil and write down as many helpful words as you can think of. Save the list. Even better is keeping a journal. Make sure to date each page you use. 
  • Call for prevention information

Even when children push all of your buttons ... remember ... they're just children! 
You are the adult!

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