Share The Love ... 14 Ways To Love Children On Valentine's Day


  1. Hug your child – often - for no specific reason. Just show your love
  2. Encourage your child. Use positive words often
  3. Place a valentine’s day card by their bed so they see it when they wake up on Valentine’s morning & feel special.
  4. Make plans to spend at least half a day alone with your child doing something they enjoy.
  5. Remove any & all put-downs from your mind & your parenting vocabulary.
  6. When your child is angry, needy, argumentative or in a bad mood, the most wonderful way of showing your love is a hug, cuddle, pat or gesture of affection.
  7. Respond promptly and lovingly to your child's physical and emotional needs.
  8. By making an extra effort to set a good example at home & out in public … saying "I'm sorry," "please," and "thank you"only goes a long way & will come back to you.
  9. Use non-violent forms of discipline.
  10. Encourage your child to cook with you. You'll both have fun and you’re promoting good food choices.
  11. Take your child to the doctor regularly for consultations, keep them safe from accidents, provide a nutritious diet, and encourage exercise throughout childhood. You'll help protect & strengthen their body.
  12. Whether or not you actively try to pass on your values and beliefs to your kids, they are bound to absorb some of them just by living with you.
  13. One of your most important gifts as a parent is to help your child develop self-esteem. Kids need your constant support & encouragement to discover their strengths & weaknesses.
  14. Reinforce their strengths & help them strengthen their weaknesses. They need you to believe in them as they learn to believe in themselves.

Love them, spend time with them, listen to them and praise their accomplishments. Remember to say, "I love you" to kids of all ages! 
Valentine's Day is a special day to remember the ones we love. And our children should be loved and nurtured every day! The benefits to you and your children are amazing!

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